The Peacock Butterfly – Is it a predator or a dead leaf?

I am lucky to have a garden with over 6 huge Budleia bushes and every year these attract the most stunning butterflies. I dont know why Im surprised when I stand in awe at the array of species we can have on just one of the bushes.

But one of the most common butterflies is the Peacock Butterfly Aglais io.

I have spent many happy hour absolutely lost in taking photo after photo of these stunning insects. This mini gallery is just a few of my favorite ones I have captured, the wing in particular is just beautiful, but being ever finiky with my own work I just wished he could have moved a bit nore into the sun just for a second 😉

The Peacock is a fascinating butterfly and is one of the UK’s larger species and most easily recognised. Its wingspan is approx 63-69mm wide and can be found all over the UK. Its laval foodplant is the common nettle.

But its known for its spectacular wing markings;


Opened up to reveal its true beauty you have 2 big blue eyes looking at you like a adorable mammal eyes, in its hope to deter any predator making him the next meal. Not all butterflies have them as dramatic as this, each one is different.

When the wings are closed it goes from stunning beauty to a dark brown tatty wrinkled leaf in seconds, only nature is this genius.

So I have added a few of my favourite photos to show you and Ill adding more soon.

Thanks for coming by.


2 thoughts on “The Peacock Butterfly – Is it a predator or a dead leaf?

  1. Garden Walk Garden Talk

    I never saw a Peacock Butterfly in my area. It really is a pretty butterfly. I see you like all the insects too, as well as Photo editing. I also use Photoshop and all the Adobe products. I have CS6 but never moved onto the cloud version yet. I just subscribed.

    1. naturalramblings Post author

      Thanks for commenting again, yes I adore macro photography, your phptos are really inspirational, they are stunning. I hope to do alot more this as I have the time now. Yes I love Adobe too and use PS4 and I also love Lightroom.
      Thanks again.


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