In my Happy place!

Well hi to all you nature lovers out there, you’ve probably accidentally found me, so I do apologise, but if you love anything nature orientated then just give me a minute you may enjoy my ramblings. This is my blog about anything wildlifey.

I’m a naturalist, ornithologist and biologist with a fascination for behaviour and psychology as a qualified Canine and pet behaviourist; I particularly enjoy the study of avian behaviour and share my home with several chatty parrots;  who are the loves of my life (…with my other half of course…sorry huny 😉 lucky he knows me) and also lucky enough to be surrounded by the acres of fields and woodland with many species of bird, animal, insect and plant to watch and study.

This is my journal of what’s around us through the seasons as I see it through my photography. I am a published award winning photographer of over 30 years. I specialise in wildlife, portrait and product photography, but love photographic restoration too. I also dabble in photographic composite art. I use my camera everyday alongside Photoshop CS 3 and Lightroom 3 and other pieces of software and apps.

My main passions in life are wildlife, photography and writing and Natural Ramblings is a combination of everything I enjoy.  Ever since I was a child, I have loved the outdoors, been fascinated with birds and animals and have a huge love for bees, butterflies, dragonflies and other insects; a bit unusual for most girls I know. I’ve always got dirty knees or muddy boots as the best wildlife always seem to be in the muddiest, hardest to reach places.

I always have that sense of awe when I find a nest or get to watch a shy fox or deer that we don’t normally see; that amazing magical moment when you lock eye to eye with them and they don’t run, but just watch you watching them, that moment is so special. I would love to share my sense of awe…enthusiasm and fascination through my photography or writing and if I make you smile along the way then I’m one happy bunny.

Everyday is different and Natural Ramblings is about sharing my wildlifey findings with you all and the hope I will be lucky enough to capture some great photos as well.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon.



Id love to hear from you, thanks for stopping by X

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