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Squirrel Acrobatics!



Yes you are rumbled caught in the act little fella!

We all know how flexible squirrels are when they want something and they can be really amazing to watch with their incredible acrobatics.

I know alot of you are not keen on our grey friends as they steal the bird food and destroy the feeders. After having many feeders vandalised I decided to pay out on quite an expensive feeder, not your £1.99 jobby but nearly £30…squirrel proof it said, no squirrel will get into this, its just for the smaller birds….yeah right!

But obviously no one had told this fella.


His absolutely intent on getting these peanuts out, to the point his actually undone the wire from around the base. We’ve had to weave the wire back around to make sure it was safe for them as he’d opened the wire up to allow the peanuts to fall on the ground leaving sharp wires poking out. Clever devil…but he is a gorgeous little devil, how can anyone resist those big brown eyes.

I loved how he tried from every angle till he managed to undo the wiring from the base.



My little furry friend is also quite happy in my little birdhouse feeder for the smaller birds too.

I know your thinking I’m mad and they are grey pests, but they are all trying to survive and there’s room for everyone. Plus I get to capture some cute squirrel shots at the same time. I cant resist these adorable creatures.

These images were taken on my little Panasonic Lumix, this little camera amazes me every time.

If you’ve any ideas to keep both squirrel and wild birds happy, Id love to hear them. I will be investing in some squirrel proof feeders with the cages round. It will be interesting to see what he can do with those 😉

So from now on I just have to try and be one step ahead of him so all the birds get their fair share…the challenge is on!