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My Mothberry?


I haven’t had a great year for strawberries this year, to be honest I hadnt tended to them as well as I did last year, so its probably my fault we havent had ANY yet…..!!!

I went over to check them this afternoon to find a large moth sucking happily away on the biggest strawberry I have…it was fine yesterday and I was planning to whip it off as a secret nibble, so that justice to me….lol 😉

But I couldnt help but grab a few shots with my little Panasonic Lumix TZ30. My Canon gear was all packed in bag and I didnt know how long he would stay for. But I neednt have worried as this little guy was absolutely oblivious to me shuffling next to it trying to get the the best position.


It was tough to get any shots as it was right in amongst the leaves and I couldnt get any piks of what he looked like on top….or…er…behind him…as…his hanging underneath; so Ive no idea what species he is. I will get back to you on his ID tomorrow.

I feel he maybe one of the Thorn family, a common rustic or an old lady, but Id gladly accpet some ID ideas if anyone knows what he is?

I am always amazed by this little camera on macro mode, the detail is gorgeous.


I love his beautiful orange antennae you can see on the left in this image.

You could actually see his body gently swinging as he was sucking away at the juice, in a way quite comical to watch, I could have been one of the Wrens who are nesting right above him or one of 2 sets of Blue tit parents collecting food continually through the day.

But oh..no…he had to have his strawberry juice….sheeesh…great last meal though…what a way to go!!


I tried this shot without flash and its come out more natural, but has less detail, see what you prefer, I thought Id add it to show you.

I had to laugh as I went back tonight after dark to see if he was still there and gently lifted the lweaves to see, only to jump as 2 black legs waved at me. A harvest spider was sitting directly ontop and I just hadnt seen it…jeeze what is it with strawberries today!

So Im guessing Im not going to get this strawberry this year!! But how could I begrudge such a tasty looking morsel to my beloved wildlife.

I will get back to you on the ID when I can, but if any of you know what he is by his underneath colouration or that gorgeous bright orange antennae, please let me know.

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