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Bee Inspired


What Ya Doing?

Those that know me will know I have a real soft spot for bees and never been one of those running off screaming when they hear a buzz….a human that big against a small inch long bee…please…!

Its people ignorance that they then go round killing them like it was their duty. I have spent all my life so far; trying to educate people that these insects are kind and gentle and just need respect like we all do; show agression they will defind themselves and their hives like we would defind our family.

If I can help change peoples mind and let them see the beauty of these amazing little creatures through my photography then Im a happy bunny.

Its often common to find little pots in our home containing a bee or two that has been injured or caught in a web, with a little lid of sugarwater…I know Im mad you dont need to tell me. I then release them next day. Even the garden contains plants for wildlife as I try to do my bit for the environment. The little guys have it tough so its the least we can do.

I will be writing some gardening plant idea posts soon too; as I get to my enjoyment from watching different of species come and go from the garden and hopefully get a few photos too. I would love to hear what plants your wildlife prefer too.

Are we losing our bees forever?

On another subject more serious is the fact we are losing these amazing insects and sadly Ive been noticing it too; we have found over 8 bees dead in the last week. It maybe the heat but Ive also noticed some strange behavior from them.


Male Bombus Sylvestris

This little guy is clearly ill, his antennae are down and is clinging tightly but weakly to my blueberry bush. Just to confirm its not me terrorising them, I used my Canon 100mm lens so it was taken from a distance not to stress him.

They are extremely agitated and have an almost trembling movement as they collect their pollen. I have sent off some emails and waiting for an answer that I can let you know too.

But for now here are some photos I took this week.  A really curious bee made me smile by peering over the top of my lavender petals……its the little things…that make me happy.


Of course it was a mad dash inside to grab my camera and hope he was still there when I got back and he was…PHEWY!


Bombus Lapidarius

This little guy was in my greenhouse so I wasnt entirely happy with my lighting here. He was a quick grabshot as he only gave me seconds to take the pik.

Common in the south of the UK, where they emerge in Spring and usually nest below the surface of the ground or under objects. They live near gardens, farmland, woodland glades, grasslands and heathland throughout Britain.


Bombus Sylvestris

I think this is a Male as it had a complete white abdomen, with a yellow tip. Also known as the Four-coloured Cuckoo bee which is widespread in the UK. He made me smile too as he outright refused to look at me, craning his head away.

Was it something I said..? 😉